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Sensational Strawberries

Plan on adding fruit to your growing list this year? Strawberries are the perfect introduction to home-grown fruit production; they…

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Growing Vegetables in Pots

You don’t need expansive acreage to grow a thriving vegetable garden. In fact, growing vegetables in pots can be very…

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Preparing Your Landscape for Winter

Winter doesn’t have to be a harsh season for your landscape, no matter what delicate plants or new plantings you…

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Tips for a Gardening Gift Basket

A gift basket is a great present for any gardener in your life, and is easy to customize to any…

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Holiday Poinsettia Care

A poinsettia plant is the quintessential holiday decoration and hostess gift for holiday parties or visits. They’re great as a…

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Growing Garlic

Richly flavorful and packed with health benefits, garlic is a great ingredient for all your favorite savory dishes. Growing garlic…

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Common Signs of an Unhealthy Houseplant

Houseplants bring a refreshing touch of nature indoors, infusing our living spaces with cleaner air and other benefits. It can…

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Herbs As Companion Plants

Practiced by organic gardeners for years, companion planting has become very popular for all gardeners. The concept is to plant…

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Summer Lavender

Do you enjoy making herbal or floral bouquets and wands to scent the house? Maybe you’re into the lavender cooking…

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Seed Starting

Starting seeds indoors is a rewarding gardening experience and can help extend your growing season to include more plant varieties…

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Plant a Tree this Fall

There are so many reasons to add a new tree to your landscape this fall that it’s hard to find a reason not to.

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Bringing Houseplants in for the Winter

Most of the plants we grow in our houses are from the tropics. That’s why they grow well in our warm houses in the winter. Many also thrive outside in our temperate summer. However, when the temperatures start dropping, it’s time to return our green friends to the confines of the house where they will continue to grow while we enjoy their greenery indoors.

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