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Plant a Tree this Fall

There are so many reasons to add a new tree to your landscape this fall that it’s hard to find a reason not to.

Just think about it, trees:

  • Beautify the environment
    Trees add texture and color to the landscape. They soften the harsh lines of buildings and parking lots.
  • Stabilize soil
    Tree roots prevent soil from blowing or washing away.
  • Provide wildlife habitat
    Trees provide shelter and food for birds and numerous small animals.
  • Make food
    Many trees provide fruits, nuts and berries for human consumption.
  • Create oxygen
    Through the process of photosynthesis, trees take in carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, sulfur dioxide, and other poisons from our air and release pure oxygen for us to breath. One tree can produce enough oxygen for 10 humans for one year!
  • Filter the Air
    Trees act as giant filters trapping dust and pollution particle with their leaves and bark until the rain washes the particles away.
  • Cool the air
    Air will remain several degrees cooler in the shade of a tree canopy. This is accomplished by not only by blocking the sun’s rays but also through transpiration. Tree leave transpire, release moisture, cooling the surrounding air. A large tree can release as much as 400 gallons of moisture from its leaves daily.
  • Reduce utility bills
    Deciduous trees planted on the south and southwest side of a home will shade the structure during hot summer months and reduce air conditioning needs. In the winter, with the leaves fallen, the sun is able to warm the structure reducing heating bills.
  • Reduce noise pollution
    Strategically planted, trees can dramatically reduce the volume of unwanted noise from loud neighbors to car traffic.
  • Hide undesirable views
    Purposefully sited, trees can camouflage unattractive views and create privacy.

In our area, fall is just about the best time of year to purchase and plant a tree. The soil is warm, air temperature is cool, and morning and evening dew increase available moisture. Stop in and see our extensive collection. We can assist you in choosing the tree that is perfect for your landscape.

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