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Watering Tips

Fortunately we had a close to normal winter rainfall. With that in mind, we are still asked to conserve as much water as possible. Did you know that mulching with 3” of compost saves 30% on water use? We will also be stocking drip supplies starting in May. Stop by the nursery with any questions you may have regarding water use in the garden.

Make your job of watering plants easier and more efficient with the proper practices and tools:

Mulches not only make plantings look more attractive, but their most important function is to help retain soil moisture. Mulch around plants to a depth of 2-3 inches.

Watering cans and small containers work great for “spot watering”.

Check to make sure that you have the proper length hose(s) to reach every corner of your garden.

Add a water wand to the hose to get the water where it’s most needed – the base of the plants.

The best time to water is during the early morning hours of a sunny day.

Always water plants and container gardens thoroughly and deeply to encourage deeper, more drought-tolerant root systems.

In the landscape, a good rule of thumb to follow is: an inch of rain per week minimum. Keep track of precipitation with a rain gauge.

New individual plants that are set out, direct sown seed beds, sodding, etc. often require daily care until established.

Use soaker hoses to provide slow ‘drip’ watering.

Pay extra attention to plants in containers and hanging baskets as they tend to dry out faster and with greater frequency.

Place Tree Gators, a drip irrigation bag, on newly planted trees.

If you’ll be away on an extended vacation, or just for a few days, make arrangements with a trusted friend or neighbor to “plant sit” while you are away. There’s nothing worse than worrying about your garden while you’re away – except coming home to crisp plants!

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