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Unfortunately, there isn’t a specific answer. All plants have different water requirements which change due to the type of soil, amount of sun, temperature, humidity, season, maturity of the plant and environment.

It’s a good idea to have some knowledge of the plant’s water requirements when determining the location in the garden. Keep watering simple by planting a new plant near other plants with similar water requirements.

How to tell if a plant needs more water? Most plants will “wilt” as they dry. The leaves may droop. If it’s an upright plant, the top ends may become soft and bend over. If you see this, water! Most plants will revive. Remember, as the temperatures rise, water requirements rise.

All plants, including “drought tolerant” plants, will require water when first planted. This is because many of the smaller roots responsible for water uptake are usually damaged during shipment and planting. Build a small circular soil wall around the plant to contain water while it percolates into the soil.

How can you tell if you should water? Use your finger and push it into the soil. Perfect soil should feel cool and slightly moist. Some soil should stick to your finger. If none does, it’s too dry. If it’s muddy, don’t water. Overwatering kills plants by depriving the roots of oxygen. Some gardeners use water meters to see the precise amount of moisture. If you’re unsure, these can be helpful.

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