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Valentine’s Day: Cut Flower Alternatives

Everyone loves the beauty of a cut flower bouquet or arrangement, but, unfortunately, cut flowers only last about a week. This Valentine’s day, let’s think outside the long-stemmed red rose box and give a unique gift to prove your love. There are so many possibilities, let’s wander through the garden center to check out the options.

One easy alternative is a living plant such as orchid, cyclamen or miniature rose. When presented in a beautiful pot, you have a winner.

Or, what about a miniature garden or terrarium? Perhaps you know your valentine isn’t good at remembering to water. A cactus or succulent garden could be just the solution. Or, bring out the kids in you and your valentine by assembling the components and planting a miniature garden together.

Remember, children love valentines, too. Do you have a child on your list that would love to plant a fairy garden with you?

Adults and kids appreciate new gardening tools. What about a red bucket filled with garden tools (adult or child sized) surrounding a slender conifer or fragrant citrus? Plant it together and watch it grow along with your relationship. For something bigger, imagine a red wagon with several red rose bushes or a grouping of herb plants.

Garden art, bird feeders or rain stations are practical reminders of your special bond. Oh, and what about garden seating as a place to view your garden art, plantings and bird feeders? A romantic wooden or wrought iron bench is difficult to wrap but will definitely provide the wow factor.

Maybe that bench can be the first step to planting a moonlit romantic garden. For the ultimate in gifts, wrap a moon garden book in grid paper with garden dimensions, place it in a carrying tray along with several white flowers and a plaque engraved with the date and “this garden designed by us” to show your lasting commitment to gardening and each other!

And to think it all started at Western Garden Nursery…

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