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Vacation Houseplant Watering

It’s vacation time, you’re going to be gone for two weeks, your friends are all busy and the weatherman says “hot, hot, hot.” What about your houseplants?

Fear not…a few minutes of thought and a quick trip to the garden center will ensure meeting your plants’ watering requirements. Here are several solutions:

Anti-drought solution: Prior to leaving, water with an anti-drought solution. It temporarily forces the plant into dormancy. This reduces the water requirement during two weeks while it gradually wears off.

Self-watering Containers: Planting your houseplants in self-watering pots is truly looking ahead. A reservoir holds water under the pot. This water travels to the soil via a wick. If you want to use a specific pot not having a reservoir, use a conversion kit. Various sizes are available and some use fill tubes. Consider adding liquid fertilizer to the reservoir water.

Individual Pot Drippers: These generally hold water above the plant. Various sizes and styles provide water to small and large pots. From beautiful blown glass globes to simple pop bottles, these allow water to drip down into the soil through a drip-tip inserted in the soil. One style even looks like a flask attached to the side of the pot with a tube dripping water to the soil. Because they show above the plant, many people only use them during their vacation.

Automatic Watering Systems: This is the “Cadillac” version. A large water reservoir feeds to clustered houseplants through small tubing attached to drippers inserted in the soil. Larger pots use two or more drippers. These systems pump water on a regular basis using a battery and timer. These also allow liquid fertilizer in the reservoir.

Go ahead and enjoy your trip…your plants should be fine!

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