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Romance in the Moonlight: Planting a Moon Garden

Remember summer? When sometimes it’s just too darn hot to go outside and enjoy the garden? Why not think about planting a garden to enjoy at night when it’s cooler? Imagine romantic balmy breezes and moonlight all around. This is a “moon garden” and now is the perfect time to plan and plant your own. If you have the space, plant a new garden with these ideas in mind. Or, retrofit your current garden by adding some of the moon garden components to create a garden you enjoy both during the day and in the evening. Maybe this new revitalized garden could be your Valentine gift to your sweetie…

Your moon garden can be any style, size or shape. The plants are usually light colored or night blooming flowering plants. Many of these are fragrant which adds to the sensory experience. Silvery leaves reflect and twinkle in the moonlight to add a touch of sparkle. Low voltage or solar powered orbs and other lights provide the perfect ambiance for this garden especially with dimmers to coordinate with the amount of moonlight. Including a small fountain provides the soothing sounds of water. Tall light colored statuary adds height, structure and mystique.

Don’t think you have enough room? Even a small terrace or balcony can become a perfect evening oasis with just a bench or bistro set, small fountain and a few pots of white or evening blooming romantic plants. A backdrop wall of white lattice provides a final touch.

Luckily, many plants are perfect for your moon garden. Your garden’s size determines the number and sizes of your plants. If you’re creating a new moon garden, include some flowers and plants of other colors to increase the daytime interest. If you’re retrofitting an existing garden to make it more “moon friendly,” use plants suggested for moon gardens in your area. Of course, your garden center or designer will have suggestions.

Here are several grouping possibilities:

  • White dogwood, white azaleas, gardenias, white petunias, dusty miller, white jasmine, nicotiana, moon flowers
  • Halesia carolina (snow drop tree), white climbing rose, white fuchsia, salvia, cornus canadensis, polianthus tuberosa, Harry Lauder Walkingstick, white oriental lily
  • Philadelphus ‘Natchez’, Four o’clocks, lavender, Elijah blue fescue, artemisia ‘Silver Mound,’ Agapanthus ‘Snow Storm’

With just a little imagination and effort, you’ll be able to enjoy your garden during the day and evening throughout the year.

Recipe for Romantic Moon Garden
Take one secluded spot
Add seating for two
Mix the sound of water with small ambient lights or candles
Surround with white, gray and silver colored flowers of various heights
Enjoy after sundown

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