Bringing Your Tropical Plants Indoors for the Winter

As the summer comes to an end and autumn approaches, the days get shorter and cooler temperatures signal the time…

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Over-Wintering Container Plants Outdoors

All containerized plants that are considered hardy in your zone can spend the winter outdoors, but you do need to…

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Freshen Up for Fall

Transform summer garden pots, planters and window boxes into magical displays this fall. The addition of mums, winter pansies and…

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Fall in Love with Fall Pansies

Ideal for fall gardens, pansies offer a colorful display for almost six months – in the fall when they are…

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Tulips: Spring Starts Now!

Members of the lily family, tulips are native to central and western Asia. In the 16th century, they were introduced to the Netherlands where most tulip bulbs are grown today.

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Problems With Your Compost Pile? Fix Them!

A compost pile should be part of every gardener’s yard, since it adds so many benefits for recycling and providing organic material in the garden.

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Get Started Composting

Fall is an excellent time to start a compost pile with all of the leaves falling, and if you develop compost now, you will have a rich source of organic material for your garden and flowerbeds in spring.

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Buddha’s Hands

California and citrus have a long-term marriage. In 1769, Father Junipero Serra planted the first citrus trees and today’s citrus orchards contribute more than $1billion to the California economy.

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Fuchsia Baskets (aka “Ladies Eardrops”)

Countless generations of children were tough on fuchsias. Little girls picked the brightly colored flowers with long hanging pistils and pretended they were ballerinas.

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Itoh Peony: Huge, Long-lasting, Colorful Flowers!

What happens when you cross a tree peony with a perennial peony? You get an “intersectional hybrid” peony! This is exactly what Toichi Itoh did in 1948. Now this beautiful plant bears his name.

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Grow one of the oldest American cultivated plants and join the Incas and Aztecs who grew…and revered…sunflowers 4,600 years ago.

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King of the herbs

It’s edible, a member of the mint family, and ornamental. Grown for over 5000 years, it flavors food around the world… Have you guessed yet?

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