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Outdoor Holiday Decorations

So many types of outdoor holiday decorations…it’s hard to decide, isn’t it?

Why not opt for “simple and elegant?” Here are two ways to achieve this easily.

Large matching containers on either side of your driveway, walkway to the front door and/or on either side of the front door make an elegant impression. Evergreen shrubs or small trees, gaily festooned with ornaments and bows, topped with a star, are a welcoming sight for friends and family. Consider holly or another plant with brightly colored winter berries. Neat and tidy camellias bloom during or soon after the holidays. Small trees and shrubs such as Alberta Spruce and sarcococca, surrounded by seasonal annuals, happily reside in containers for many years. Ornamental grasses are good in containers, also. Uplighting the container with solar powered lights eliminates power cord concerns and allows passersby to partake of your holiday decor.

Wreaths and Evergreen Garlands

Wreaths and garlands of fragrant greenery waft a holiday scent into the home every time the door opens. These are sold readymade as well as in separate pieces of greenery to make your own. Use bows, ornaments, seashells, even fishing lures to coordinate the door decoration with the house decor. The possibilities are endless.

Have a happy holiday!

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