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March & April Gardener’s Calendar

Fruit Trees

  • Trim fruit trees before buds open to avoid stressing the tree and causing small crop
  • Broadcast fruit tree fertilizer around trees
  • Consider the use of dormant oil spray to suffocate existing pests


  • Prepare beds by removing or incorporating winter mulch. Consider adding other organics such as well decomposed manure, compost or peat
  • Test soil pH and other nutrients
  • Lettuces, artichokes, chard, peas, spinach, potatoes and onions may be planted outside
  • Start seeds indoors to be transplanted following last frost dates
  • Handpick or bait for slugs
  • As temperatures warm, plant veggie starts, herbs and hanging baskets

Flower Beds

  • If soil isn’t too wet, add organic amendments and complete fertilizer (16-16-8)
  • Divide crowded perennials before active spring growth. Move elsewhere or share with friends
  • Plant hardy annual seeds or transplants
  • Prune roses
  • Mulch around all shrubs and plants to reduce summer weeding and conserve moisture
  • Deadhead spring blooming bulbs, let foliage die back (or braid)
  • Deadhead other spring blooming shrubs and vines after blooming, remove older branches to create new fuller growth


  • Apply high nitrogen spring fertilizer with weed control
  • Over seed bare spots

Pest Control

  • As temperatures rise, watch for aphids, whiteflies and mites. Check under leaves, too. Spray with hose jet, insecticidal soaps or integrated pest management systems

Other Outdoor Activities

  • Plant vines to hide eye-sores or create shade
  • Plant fragrant plants where the scents may be enjoyed
  • Clean and repair decks, concrete walkways, stepping stones, outdoor furniture
  • Clean bird feeders and set up nest boxes
  • Plan new flower beds
  • Decide what summer bedding plants will be planted and where
  • Write in fall section of garden journal where more spring bulbs should be planted

House Plants

  • Houseplants need baths. Rinse in the shower, including underside of leaves, watch for spider mites and other pests. Even cacti can benefit from a dust-ridding shower.
  • Begin a regular program of fertilizing, weekly-weakly
  • Transplant before new growth begins and when roots are growing thru holes of the pots. If temps are especially warm, cymbidiums orchids and other plants may be placed outside in sheltered locations. Be sure to shade from direct sun.

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