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July & August Gardener’s Calendar

During these glorious days of summer, there are three main things to remember:

  1. Deeply water in the morning.

This helps avoid fungal and bacterial diseases. Soaker hoses are an excellent way to water deeply and slowly.

  1. Mulch to conserve water and maintain soil temperatures.
  2. Fertilize (following label instructions) to continue harvests.

Of course, there are a few other specific reminders…


  • If you see tiny black gnats, they’re fungus gnats. Let the soil become drier between watering and remove any dead leaves from the pot. The gnats will disappear.
  • This is a good time to fertilize as most plants are growing vigorously.
  • Check leaves for sunburn and move away from windows if needed.
  • Rotate if plants are bending towards the windows.
  • Check the bottoms of pots to see if transplanting to a larger pot is necessary.

Lawn: Watch for brown spots. This could be lack of water or grubs eating the roots.

Fruit Trees:

  • Enjoy your harvest!
  • Remember to clean up dropped or rotting fruit.
  • Fertilize and watch for pests.


  • Fertilize to continue the harvest.
  • Check for bugs such as cucumber beetles (look like green ladybugs) and caterpillars such as tomato hornworms.
  • Begin to prepare winter beds.

General Garden:

  • Deadhead annuals
  • Cut back other leggy plants to encourage bloom.
  • Check your irrigation system for clogged or popped heads and remember to check to be certain it is covering all areas.

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