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Generosity from the Gift Shop

Generosity abounds during the holidays, right? So, don’t forget your bird buddies…they like “gifts” too. Suet cages, hanging or mounted bird feeders, and hummingbird feeders spread joy to our avian neighbors. Offering a variety of seeds, high-energy solids and sucrose syrup satisfies the fussiest of our feathered friends, keeps them healthy during the winter and hopefully, they’ll stay to eat spring and summer garden pests. Plus, they’re fun to watch!

And while you’re enjoying watching the birds, why not put some garden art in your garden or give to lucky folks on your gift list. Have you ever noticed there’s just something about the winter light? Glass in the garden sparkles on these cool sunny days. The gift shop offers a wide variety of colorful glass art for both you and those on your list, including exotic-looking glass butterflies.

Of course, the gift shop has garden art from other materials. Choose from a large selection of garden stakes to individualize your garden.

Don’t forget…the gift shop has something for everyone. From gifts for your friends and relatives, to your pets, and to your outside nesting neighbors, the gift shop can fill all your needs.

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