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Cool Wave Pansy

Make way for the Cool Wave Pansy! New and improved, bigger and brighter, the familiar little monkey face pansy is the new garden darling… In fact, it has won a Medal of Excellence Editor’s Choice Award.

Use in your beds among other plants and shrubs as a vigorous filler, plant en masse as a groundcover, or create amazing baskets and container arrangements surrounded with 30” of cascading floral beauty.   Standing six to eight inches tall, and covered with three times as many blossoms as regular pansies, the brighter flowers glow in four new colors.

  • Frost: white with light blue “frost” or edges of petal margins
  • Violet wing:  front lower petals are white edged with lavender or darker purples, backed with dark burgundy or purple
  • Yellow:  bright clear yellow
  • White:  white petals with slight color variations

Easy to grow, the Cool Wave Pansy is much more vigorous than ever. Choose plants with an overall deep green color with plenty of buds.  Plant in fertile soil where it will receive 6 hours of sunlight. Use a liquid fertilizer when planting and fertilize every two weeks to maintain vigor and color. Replace with wave petunias in the summer when it becomes too warm for pansies.

Cool Wave Pansy grows well in rain or cold. In fact, it easily overwinters here in Pleasanton. As a three-season performer, plant in the fall for seasonal color usually lasting through winter. It perks up in early spring providing an early punch of pizzazz. If it becomes too leggy, just cut back to 3 inches tall and fertilize. In a couple of weeks, it will be smiling up at you.

When planting in containers, consider the flower and container colors to maximize the visual effect. Interplant with other textures and colors. If planting in fall, add spring blooming bulbs as they’ll easily grow through the pansies to create a riot of spring color. Spiky grasses provide a tall and contrasting effect.

Is there room for Cool Wave Pansies in your garden?

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