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Western Garden Nursery is a full service garden center offering a wide selection of top quality plants from premium growers like Monrovia and Fredriks.

We proudly offer Master Nursery garden products, Gardner & Bloome premium organic fertilizers and a selection of environmentally friendly pest controls.

With our selection of plants, fountains and garden accessories, we can help transform your garden into a place of beauty.

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Easter Lilies: A Plant with a Story and Many Names

Garden Articles

Every year, just as soon as the valentines leave the shelves, thousands of “Easter lilies” show up everywhere. They grace our homes, churches and business places with beauty and fragrance. Have you ever wondered why? More practically, have you ever wanted to keep your lily alive rather than tossing it on the compost pile? Continue reading

Color with Ceanothus

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An often-underused color in many gardens, blue provides cooling relief from the heat of California summers. And what better plant … Continue reading

Planting a Meadow as Lawn Substitute

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Turf can be tough to deal with. Perhaps it’s causing you to tear out your hair. Maybe you’re swearing to tear out the turf instead. You know, there could be some good reasons to do just that. Continue reading