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Western Garden Nursery is a full service garden center offering a wide selection of top quality plants from premium growers like Monrovia and Fredriks.

We proudly offer Master Nursery garden products, Gardner & Bloome premium organic fertilizers and a selection of environmentally friendly pest controls.

With our selection of plants, fountains and garden accessories, we can help transform your garden into a place of beauty.

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Safely Controlling Mosquito Larvae in your Water Garden

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Residential water features such as ponds, fountains and gazing water bowls add beauty to the garden. The reflections, sounds, and colors bring harmony and atmosphere to the setting. Unfortunately, they may also bring mosquitoes. Continue reading

Attracting Butterflies to the Garden

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Does your garden have “flutter-bys” but you would prefer them to stay? Cheer up; it’s time to attract butterflies to your little slice of heaven. While you’re at it, you’ll be helping the butterflies, too! Continue reading

Growing Giant Pumpkins

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Can you imagine growing a pumpkin over 1,000 lbs in your garden? How about over 2,000 lb? It’s possible to do. Continue reading