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Western Garden Nursery is a full service garden center offering a wide selection of top quality plants from premium growers like Monrovia and Fredriks.

We proudly offer Master Nursery garden products, Gardner & Bloome premium organic fertilizers and a selection of environmentally friendly pest controls.

With our selection of plants, fountains and garden accessories, we can help transform your garden into a place of beauty.

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Sweet Peas, the “Queen of Annuals”

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For many of us, it’s the sweet pea that declares, “spring is here!” The colors and sweet fragrance announce the coming of warmer days like no other. Continue reading

“Radiant Orchid” New Pantone Color of the Year

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Do you enjoy trends? Do you like to incorporate decorating into your gardening? Maybe you’re just looking for “something different.” Well, 2014 has something for you! Continue reading

Spider mites: A Frequent Pest

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It’s bound to happen eventually. You’ll be admiring your houseplant and notice tiny webs. Perhaps your outside shrub just doesn’t look healthy and you see little specks on the leaves. If you don’t figure out the problem, your plant may die. Continue reading